Why Hollingsgate Workforce Solutions?

Simply, Hollingsgate Workforce Solutions helps staff IT projects with the best qualified, available talent, at the lowest achievable price, with no last minute surprises. Our goal is simple: To be your best staffing partner. We will not only meet or exceed your expectations working with us, but will work constantly to set the bar higher.  As a Diversity Certified company, we will also work closely with your staff to uphold and promote the values of equity, integrity, and transparency with everything we do.

Services Offered: Staff Augmentation in IT, Finance and HR for the Banking, Telco Retail verticals. The candidates we most often represent are Program and Project Managers, Business and Systems Analysts, Quality Assurance Analysts, Financial Analysts, Senior Developers, Network Engineers, and HR Professionals.

Our strengths are Quality Control, Cost Control, and Risk Management. Our advantage is our flexibility, personalized service and drive for providing our clients with innovative solutions.

  • Quality Control: Our commitment is to provide our clients with 2 qualified candidates within 24-48 hours of receiving each job requisition.  Any issues or concerns are addressed same day.
  • Cost Control: We are committed to meet or exceed your structure for maintaining a low cost structure for every candidate placed. This means staying as far below your cost ceiling as possible, each and every time.
  • Risk Management:  Our contract covers co-employment risk, tenure risk, intellectual property risk, and confidentiality risk. All candidates are insured, and are at a minimum reference checked at the time of submission.
  • Flexible: As a privately held company, decisions are fast, flexible and “Made in Canada”.
  • Personal:  We appreciate that behind every ‘job posting’ are many people who have their name attached to a project’s successful delivery.  Our approach is very thorough. We make sure every candidate is carefully vetted for experience, communication skills, availability, rate, references and cultural fit before submission.  After a placement is made, we stay in touch to ensure a successful contract assignment. 

For more information please contact Patricia@Hollingsgate.ca
401 Bay Street Street, Suite 1600, Toronto ON M5H 2Y4 T: 416.646.0030  F: 416.363.0406